What You Should Never Do

Never, ever finish reading, “The Fault In Our Stars” in a hospital room in the middle of the lonely night when you are far, far away from anyone you would ever even call because what the hell would you say, anyway, while your son is sleeping and his  little body is fighting.

Never, ever use all the tissue in the box without a back-up plan.

Never think about tests. Ok, thinking about your upcoming math test is acceptable. Just don’t think about biopsies and stuff like that.

Never underappreciate natural light.

Never forget last Summer.


Never lose hope.< Actually, scratch that. You can lose hope for a few seconds at a time. You can even be terrified, but only for a second.

Never ask for help because no one can help the way they want to be able to help. Back in April, my best friend asked, “What can I do?”

I said, “Cure Cancer”.

That’s all I really need anyone to do.