Some people seem to understand my need to keep the door open. We need to keep the door open as long as possible. We are expecting the ANC to start dropping as this morning was the last chemo for round two. Soon, we will be bound to the room and the bed.

Ashton fell twice today, running. Trying to be a regular kid. On his door it says, “Bone Fracture Risk”. So, we need to take it down a notch. We may be retiring the ball that Jennifer and Hailea got for us. No more indoor soccer for awhile. It has been an essential tool for happiness for several days.

Speaking of Jennifer and Hailea, they brought us a platoon of new bunnies today. Thank goodness they are stuffed.

Grandma Penny came today and played several games with Ashton and Heidi. That’s Ashton’s new word: several. As in how much is several? As in how many times do I have to do this?


We will work on the walls closing in. We can’t really build them out in reality but we can build them out in our minds.

On a very happy note, we got to Skype with Lily and Blaise,  Nancy. And Buddy the dog! It was like we never left Winnetka. We were right there in the sunroom with Lily and Blaise and Buddy freaking out trying to find his ball.  Ashton ate a hot dog on line. We are pushing fluids and food to keep him off of Beeper as long as possible. Tonight will be a test. How long can we go without Beeper?

There are a few people going up and away to help drive donations for both bone marrow and money for bills. I will write about both and all. Just not tonight. Get ready, Monday. Here we come.




  1. Catherine Daniels

    Not sure if you saw my post from yesterday. You write very honestly, and when Ashton reads this years from now he will appreciate that and all that you have done for him. I am so glad you were able to Skype with Lily and Blaise. Nicole showed me a picture of Ashton dancing, and it was so sweet, I wanted to cry. My best to you and Ashton.

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