very interesting : take ONE

Someone should be filming this.

Our days are long and strange.

Yesterday was a blur of sedation and pain meds and vomit and fever and vomit and fever, etc.

Today is ” better” in a weird way. The first time Ashton stayed awake all day on Ativan. Woo-Hoo. (For HIM, maybe)

Coordination=out the window. Falling down. Glazed eyes. Not tracking with eyes. Slurred speech. I basically hung out with a drunk kid all day.  Not only is “Fall Risk” on his door, it is on his body. Big sign on Ash: FALL RISK.

Ativan is used to quell the nausea. (Not to necessarily get him high)

It’s also used to combat the steroids which cause erratic behavior. Note: I despise steroids and I want to pull him from them in the morning. How do grown men take that stuff to build muscles and not end up murdering someone?

With the constant drip, this may be TMI, but I do not think Ashton has not pee’d on the floor today. I, myself, have been sprayed and soaked in chemo urine. That and vomit. Suffice it to say, the HUC leaves the laundry key out for me now. Oh! I even got a nasty note on the dryer this morning! It was such a gift to wake up to. It was completely illiterate. Something about, ” You IS usin’ this laundry tree hour.”  And another one saying how mean I am, ( Um, I was in Hem Onc Alone and my kid barfs hourly, lay off) I felt I could go Burque on her, but I stopped myself at a note I threw away. RISE ABOVE! In my mood, I would have just kicked her ASS for Oh! My! God! I left my laundry too long. Listen< bitch. I got bigger fish to fry. If my sister were here, I do not know if that woman would be ok right now.

Presumably, this woman has a sick child, too. Let’s be allies.

I am looking forward to a visitor tomorrow. We have been very isolated.

Currently receiving a triple whammy of chemo. The dinner I just fed him? I expect to see that later.