Up All Night: It’s Just Practice

I am very grateful that my big brother is such a great editor. We, my sister, brother and I, plan to create a book for Ashton out of this blog. I seem to be losing my punctuation skills. In my defense, I write this with little sleep. I have been awake most of this night.

Ashton had his bone marrow taken yesterday and to my surprise, also a lumbar puncture. I seem to get all the information about 5 minutes prior or during a procedure. They had to give him “calming medicine” which I have never heard of before,  because he started freaking out in fear, and then the “giggle medicine”. My son is a piece of work. He needed an extra dose as he was coming to his senses during lumbar puncture.

Someone recently hacked and said my blog is boring. Guess what? It is not for you. Don’t read it. I never knew being honest could cause so much controversy.

I happy that we will have had nearly two weeks away from BEEPER before admittance at 8am Monday. I am happy beyond belief! That my daughter is coming here! And also that we will be at home during her stay and we will make her room very special by shopping for her heart’s desire at TARGET.  My older son is going through the Camp Edwards Rite O’ Passage this weekend and I know he will love it as much as my daughter did.


I am also happy that one of my daughter’s friends reached out to me in support and shared some of her own struggles. We all think we are alone and we are NOT.

I am also happy to have one new friend here whose child just finished her last round at the ripe old age of 15 months.  It gives me HOPE.

Note: nothing compares to looking at your child through his dilated, flinching eyes while he says he sees two of you and then hollars out in pain. More than once. It is with all my might that I do not cry. I look at him directly and assure him, even though I am so unsure.

Then he got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he slept for hours. God. Please don’t let him hurt anymore.  AMEN




  1. Benedicte J

    I love, love your blog Erin, and it’s is your decision so write whatever you want too, nobody else’s:)

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