This Is What I Get

I haven’t written since last? Wednesday? Therefore, I don’t remember much since then.

I do believe we have redefined, “slapstick”. What’s funny now is watching my son giggle after receiving his pre-anesthesia medicine. He laughs so hard it makes me laugh and cry. What’s also funny is that he’s beginning to speak in a southern accent: What the HAIL? I have ta go ta Bay-ed?

I’m like, who are you and where is my Urban Baby who wears black and eats sushi?

I remember getting lost a couple of three or four times before even parking at Cincy. I will never find my car again, I fear. It took us many hours downstairs with Ashton saying, “I just want to be admitted!” They had to get blood from his tubes before admit and, well that never happened.

Why? Because they did a dye study and determined his line moved AGAIN. Overnight. And it’s in a LOOP, whereas his first one had a “kink”  and also in some interior vein (guess they are all interior) but this is WAY interior and off base from where it was. Chemo requires a hearty vein which will not collapse due to the “hearty medicine” traveling through it. <another medical explanation provided by Erin.

Yesterday, Ashton had his usual bone marrow aspiration and lumbar puncture. In Dayton, they did not put him under totally for those procedures. Here, ya get knocked out for everything. Just in case. He also had a mouth biopsy (gums). There is a bit of concern about how they look and what that points to. However, I remain positive and just think he needs to floss. 🙂 Results of all three tests come through in the coming days.

On Monday he will have yet another surgery for yet another port and again, I remain positive he will do fine. When he wakes up from being knocked out is not a fun time for anyone (he’s a BEAR), but he tolerates everything so well I am astounded.

It has been weird to get used to Cincy. All new people. New protocol. Tiny room, though we have wood floors, which is very important. Linda pointed out that at least we are not sharing a room with someone. That would never happen due to the nature of ANC, but still, I could NOT IMAGINE just having a curtain between us and a whole other family. <Thank you, God, for this tiny room>

Bottom line, we are going to be here awhile. Longer than the last two times because we can’t even START chemo and it takes longer with each round to recover from the chemo. I am hoping for end of August and we are road trippin’ before WIPE OUT ROUND 4.

That’s all I got.