This Is WAY Important

I overcame my anxiety and drove to Cincy today. I left with Ashton 40 minutes early because I know my propensity to get lost.

This was a big deal in many ways. I was so riled up but keeping it under wraps for Ash. We drove an hour there (the speed limit). We were a bit early and stopped at a mcdonalds because my stomach had not been able to keep anything down and I knew Ash would be hungry. I LOVE their fries, normally. But these were hideous. I may as well poured a salt shaker directly down my throat.

Anyway, we found the ENORMOUS hospital and promptly parked about two miles away from where we were supposed to report. I felt very small there. I did not like the underground parking. I was anxious enough, I didn’t need to be underground. c’mon.

I don’t know if it’s small town living lately that has me practically agoraphobic, but Chicago never scared me ( ok maybe when I was 27) and Cincy was a bit much. Why do they have to put hospitals in the ghetto around here?

The traffic? I laugh in the FACE of traffic. Cincy rivals Chi Town. I think I am so cool. No.

After climbing out of the TMNT GUTTER to find the correct floor, there were 15 people waiting to find out where to go, ( We aren’t in Dayton anymore). I am a freak about being on time and we were about to be late and I was about to start jumping up and down raising my hand.

We got sent the wrong way ( a baffling maze of hallways) and I just kept asking people where to go, One woman noticed he is bald. She sent us directly, exactly, where we needed to go. The place where bald kids go. Blood Cancer.

We met our new Onc and she is fresh and young and ON IT.

Xray reveals the port migrated back to it’s position. ??? The things that migrate? Not just birds…

They were able to get blood today. HUGE. It means if they can do that again next week he will not have another surgery.


We have MARROW. This child will survive. Fuck you< Leukemia> Don’t FUCK with us.

( I get a lil’ worked up and the ef word just comes out)

Long road ahead, still. But we KNOW he will survive so the rest is CAKE.

CAKE, baby.




  1. Wendy

    This definitely is WAY IMPORTANT! Wonderful news! God Bless! Prayers are being answered!

  2. Wendy

    P.S. Eating cake on behalf of both of you! Chocolate (devil’s food) with whipped white frosting!

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