This Is Important

Well, I think so.

Ashton is dictating this post.

Mommy is the worst fisher ever. She could never catch a fish. Her line got caught in a tree and a bush. Now bunny wants to say something: I carried the worms.

Mom touched a worm, but I refused to do it.

Mom did not like touching a worm. Bunny was very bad at this, too. I was good at casting a line. Uh, no. We did not catch a fish. But we will.

We will go to a different spot.

Me: Ashton, do you think it will be helpful if I am there? To catch a fish?

Ashton: Um, NO.

Ashton, Ashton, Ashton.

He rode on Mike’s shoulders “trekking” through the tall foliage. Of course, I was wearing sandals and slipping and carrying worms trying to just keep up with them. He fell asleep on the way home from Five Rivers.

Then I fried zucchini., fresh from the field. ( not very well) And chicken, <that part came out ok. As my arms get fatter and fatter in the state where everything is fried. I’m surprised they don’t fry popsicles. Wait, that could be a great idea.