This Could Be A Long Post

It’s been many days since I’ve written. I really don’t know where to start, so I’m going to write this for Ashton, himself.

You, my dear, have had quite a ride. In fact, you rode in a fire truck. There were fields of corn, wheat, rye and soy and country music. Well, there weren’t fields of country music but you know what I mean.

You were king-for-a-day. You were on the news! You played too hard. You sweated off your dressing. You gave us all a heart attack and you brought a community together. You inspire people to be better people. You sure as hell inspire ME.

You sit on the front porch. This is the entire reason that we moved here.

I wanted you to have a porch and I wanted to say, “go outside and play”. Boy do you ever. I have to make you come INSIDE even with two rounds of chemo under your belt. You have always had an insatiable appetite for LIFE and it shows so clearly and boggles my mind sometimes so much that I need to make this a run-on sentence and just APPLAUD YOU, Ashton Tyler Carley Trent.

Diflucan. Mirrem. Acyclover. Zoloft. Risperdal. (sp?) You would be the one to know. You even know the ml amounts and timing for each one. You know the words that no one should know. Words that should never be uttered. You fully understand the word, “aspiration”. “Microclave”.

Non sequitur : we made s’mores.

You had about 15 marshmallows on your fork and you ate almost every one and Blaise was here, still is. You two are just starting to fight and I had to pull over and give you guys “the look” on our way to Greenville for ice cream last night. Then, I laughed so hard I was crying, seriously crying. Because we were playing the story game and it was the first time in 15 years I cried because of laughter.




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  1. Lauri H.

    I can’t even explain the feelings of love and affection I feel for you and your kids when I read your posts.

    Beautiful, strong, enduring, overcoming, thriving, surviving.

    Laughter and Tears…..

    Comfort in chaos…


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