The Wrong Batch

Platelets are funky. The last two times have been scary in that Ashton’s body does not necessarily want foreign platelets. He needs them. However, he has had an allergic reaction(x2) and that’s scary. Doc says it may just be the batch.

He was shaking, nurse was shaky, I was shaky.

Ryan came and distracted him nicely. We may take a nap. I hope. Now, it feels like a 15 hour day. ANC zero.

Hoping for Friday release.

No desire to elaborate.

SCIENCE. be our friend.


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  1. Myra

    Whenever I hear about something like an allergic reaction to platelets, my first thought is, “is he okay?” The next thought is, “why would that happen?!” Thanks to the internet, I now have an easy way to dig into the why without having any background in medicine. This is a dangerous thing, I know. But the second article I stumbled on in this case was kind of interesting: . Admittedly, the source of the article is a company that produces filtration products, so it’s probably no wonder that the miracle solution involves filtration, but still. The age of the batch seems like a relatively easy thing to control too, if it matters so much. Does he have the fevers again?

    Is there anything that your cheering section out here in cyberspace can provide to help ease the stress or make you both more comfortable? Thinking of you and sending you lots of strength.

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