The Sweetest Thing

I’m watching Ashton have “school” for the first time in many months. He’s so in to it.  He is HUNGRY for this. The teacher said her material was too easy for him, which doesn’t surprise me. He has retained a lot more than I thought and reading seems to come naturally for him.

Due to the high dose of chemo he received, his ANC went from 5000 to zero over 7 days. This is a good sign. It’s also good that he is so incredibly strong and oddly? his hair is growing back. I do not know what to make of any of this. I just know his doctors are impressed with his fortitude. Furthermore, STEROID BOY is gone. Sweet boy has returned to us. I know everyone is relieved-nurses, other patients, doctors, family, ME! The Attending just came in and I updated her on his normal response to Platelets, which are due today as they are at 20. She said, well, we will just preemptively give him steroids. I said (kindly) you are NOT serious?

She said Oh! Well, let me look in to alternatives. Um, yeeahhh. DO THAT.

So, anyway, fingers crossed for no rigors or fever with the transfusion.

This is a short post and I have been too depressed to really write anything at all lately. I function somewhere between denial and reality, depending on the time of day. Reality seems to come at around 4am. I rather prefer the bliss of pretending this is normal: for a boy to be in the hospital so long and fighting for his life.

He seems to think it’s normal? He is like his mother, he adapts to odd conditions. Well, these are pretty odd conditions.

Maybe I will write more later since I’ve been remiss. Thank you, Joyce and Nonni for my lil’ vacation. XO


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  1. Claire

    I’m so happy to hear Ashton is feeling well enough for some school. From your posts and blog it sounds like you’ve done a great job of making the time out of the hospital pretty active and educational. Know that you guys have continuously been in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone during these hard/difficult times so many people are with you in spirit and sending love, light, laughter and strength.
    Be well. Claire

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