The Show Is On The Road

The Chemo Road.

Dose one was at 4pm today and dose two is coming up in a few minutes. I’m taking this time to blog because I really don’t know what is going to happen next. He has been so resilient (because he is resistant to chemo?) I don’t know. But whatever the hell Fludarabine is: damn. It’s some serious shit. He is already sick after only a few hours.

Cytarabine is a drug previously used for the last two rounds, along with others. Daunorubicin , too. They were ineffective.  I have hesitated to write about this as it is rather grim.

I spoke with my daughter this morning and I feel comfortable now putting this out there.

We have “an uphill climb”. My question is: don’t ALL hills go UP? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We just have a more intense grade to conquer now.

About ten days ago Ashton had an aspiration and his blasts (bad cells) were at zero. Leukemia is a sneaky disease. One week later he was at 17% blasts. That is pretty aggressive.

It means that his treatment isn’t working thus far. He also had his biopsy back for his mouth and it is true that the cancer jumped from his blood to the tissues in his mouth. This is common. But it would not happen to MY son.

So, tomorrow we discuss radiation.

We have a PLAN B and a PLAN C. We have very good doctors here.

Anybody have a plug for a wish? Sugarland –Stuck Like Glue.



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