The Many Faces of Ashton

He woke up this morning and said brightly, “Hey Mom, it’s time to get up!”

This is where I jump up and flail for my glasses.

I said, Hey! How about I go get you some milk and grab my coffee and we will get ready for the play room?(We have a litany of things to accomplish before 9am)

So, I came back from the little journey down the hallway and my son had been kid-napped.

Who is this purple-faced, vein-popping animal boy? And why is he screaming at me?

I will affectionately call him STEROID BOY, until those particular meds leave his system. In a couple of days, my REAL son will return. I allowed the docs to put him on the steroid to quell his fever and rigors and vomiting. It isn’t worth it. He is a danger to himself on that drug. No MORE. Ever.

Three nurses, a doctor and me to keep him safe in an area about 3×5. The fear was breaking his line and thus causing a life-threatening situation. Over a two hour period, he finally wore himself out. Along with an extra dose of Ativan, he is now sleeping. Nurses have been punch and kicked, as have I. You can tell he has no idea why he is doing this. You can tell it is something else controlling him. Many thanks to the patient nurses who held him when I could not any longer and for keeping him safe.




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