The Birds Of Doom

Back in the day. Back in the 505, when we were up all night doing what we shouldn’t be doing, we heard them. The sweet, darling chirps of birds we didn’t even care the names of. We just knew we had not slept and the sun was coming up.

I have been up before the Doom Birds this morning.( Gotcha!)

That’s ok. Maybe I can grab a nap with a little boy before 9pm when LILY arrives! eeek! I am so excited. It was supposed to be a surprise but that little guy pretends to not know how to spell, all the while, smirking, because he knows what we are saying. So, I said to him, “I have a surprise for  you”.

I already know, Mom.


Smart kid.

Last night was so fun. Ryan, Mike and Ikoe came over and we grilled out, spilling toys and food and scrapbooking all over the porch. Mom came by and we got in a tiff, but that’s pretty normal. It was a wonderful attempt to have a normal almost summer night until the tiff. Then, I left the tiff on the other side of the street and Michael played Seminole Wind on his guitar and we sang. Then, Ashton said it was too loud. Buzz kill 🙂 However, we sang on and Ashton played with his super heroes and Ikoe pouted and we stayed up a little too late. As Ashton said it:  I wont get to be outside much longer, so let’s just stay out here as long as we can. (Sounds like a kid from Chi Town, yes?)

The clock ticks. (No, really. It ticks. It’s LOUD) I await my girl. Thank you to all who donated because she would not be coming here otherwise.

I am giddy with anticipation of going for a run with her and taking her to a Musical she may be too old for. (SHREK) But, really, who can outgrow SHREK?

Love to all. And the birds of doom went back to sleep.