Swinging on The Mood Swing

Too bad mood swings don’t come in different colors throughout the day. Ashton’s would be so beautiful. Picture a fireworks display of colors and include the sound of the fireworks.

Yesterday, I agreed to put him on a new medication to help him control his need to control. After all, what CAN he control right now? He has to report how many ml he pees and every bite of food he takes. He has no words for this. So, he is controlling PEOPLE, or trying to.  I would do the same.

I am maintaining my sense of humor. During Rounds yesterday, we were interrupted continuously by my son demanding I do this or that and I think he would be happier if I did it while standing on my head. I just said, “do ya have a plan for THIS?” The doc said, “we are putting him on _________.  I said, “great. can you do it retroactively?”

What are the side effects? Extreme weight gain. I said, “perfect, now I will have a really angry, obese child. The Resident backed up and doubled over laughing. What’s so funny? It’s only funny if you live it and are able to find humor in a delicate, frightening story.

I also asked if I could have some, too. The kind without the weight side effects, because I got that part covered.

My moods are leveling out a bit. Though I did have my first sleep walking episode since I was eleven recently. My body is screaming at me that I am under stress. It’s been a life saver that we have developed a shift schedule of sorts between Nonni and my mom and me. But, this can’t go on forever. All three of us will lose it.

So, here we go. Another day, another cafeteria salad.