Ashton Tyler Carley Trent passed on November 11, 2014 after fighting a war most grown men would have lost months ago. He left this world with great dignity and left an indelible mark on everyone he came across. He passed in to the great universe while held in my arms.


Barns. Barns with snow on top. Barns crumbling. Barns with history so beautiful I cannot imagine the mucking out of the stalls of the beauty that lived there.

Then, the churches. Hundreds in this Ohio Valley, a wretched placed if you were not born and raised here. If you were, good on ya. And I met some of you. And I grew to love you.  You know who you are. I do not mean to disrespect your state, it’s just where my son died so I am not a Buckeye right now.


If we could stack up the barns and the windmills and the tractor supply stores and the Bob Evans restaurants, Cracker Barrels and Perkins and Hospitals and doctors. And drugs and syringes, and ketamine and dilodid and bi-paps and chest tubes. And urinals and bloody diapers and weighing every said diaper. If we put our home on top all of this and the yellow house and nonni’s two houses, Lelac and Eric’s house and Kent and Jen’s and  on top of a thousand million people who love him… could I stand on top and see his eyes open? I never got to see his eyes open.

I miss you.


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