Specialist: Because he is special

After many, many days of fever above boiling point 105 and higher…cooling blanket, Tylenol, one of our main doctors admits to being a bit puzzled, as we all are. I am not certain there is an antibiotic left on the market. Though< I would not be the one to ask.  He is getting blood right now. It takes hours to be ready to receive blood. Reminds me of a Vampire movie.

( You have to be ready).

His color back in his beautiful olive skin today. No redness under the eyes. Bald as all hell, but damn, he’s so beautiful. Those brown eyes just POP with his ever-resilient eyelashes to frame them.

I will keep his story off of Facebook for the most part from now on. A photo here and there. Ashton’s Angels is gone. It bothers people to see a story so real. Thank you to the people who have left messages and calls and gifts I cannot return. Love.


He is a very strong boy and count your blessings, man. If you have a well child or a sick child in recovery: one who is alive. Just smile.


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