Proud of My Friends

I feel so uplifted, which, in turn helps me to uplift others, not just Ashton. When He starts to feel better, I can start to find a way to give back. To everyone. To both hospitals. To the people and friends who have stood by us. To those who have contributed. Some days I just needed gas to get to the hospital. I have not been able to get a job, obviously. But I insist on keeping our home for now. Anyone who has helped us will be blessed somehow. Even if it was just a phone call. Those who stayed overnight to let mama rejuvenate, well, you are the cream of the crop. Those who call to inquire daily, you are amazing. Those who have visited, those who pray, those who support us on the blog and FB, thank you> There are so many good, loyal people in this world. I am proud of the people I have chosen to be in my world. Even if I have never met you. You have my back.

I am often in awe of this community. The firefighters, the women here. The PCA’s the nurses, the doctors who hug me. The parents with lanyards with kids I can never see behind their own closed doors on 5 South. As soon as I see a lanyard, I know. That person is suffering. Yes, their child is suffering, but so is that parent.

Thank you to the people who still reach out. My love.

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