The results of not taking care of myself, extreme stress, etc: Heartbreak. Depression. Lower back pain (from sleeping on the couch and no exercise), no eating,(from acid reflux), I need to go to the doctor. The “girl” doctor. I need to go to the dentist. I need to put on pajamas and sleep in my … [Read more…]


I want to make something perfectly clear. I have been called “mean”. This is not the forum I would have used to discuss this, but since my PERSONAL forum has been hijacked, most people who know me KNOW that I do NOT back down. Anyone who uses this forum for their personal needs should realize … [Read more…]

This Is WAY Important

I overcame my anxiety and drove to Cincy today. I left with Ashton 40 minutes early because I know my propensity to get lost. This was a big deal in many ways. I was so riled up but keeping it under wraps for Ash. We drove an hour there (the speed limit). We were a … [Read more…]

This Is Important

Well, I think so. Ashton is dictating this post. Mommy is the worst fisher ever. She could never catch a fish. Her line got caught in a tree and a bush. Now bunny wants to say something: I carried the worms. Mom touched a worm, but I refused to do it. Mom did not like … [Read more…]


So, to a small handful of people, it is apparent that I totally wigged out last night. It was much akin to the Scott Situation. In that situation I spent months just “sort of” crying and feeling until one day I found myself screaming in my car. I was horrified that my throat went sore … [Read more…]

A Letter From My Friend

This note helped me tremendously. It helps me to understand a little bit more why and what is happening. It helps me to understand I am NOT crazy, or a bitch. This is anonymous for a reason. This friend poured out some real stuff. It really helped me. Thank you. xo   Hey girl…just caught up … [Read more…]

Moving Right Along

Well, I bathed today. And, I bought some milk. And, I quit crying. Mostly. The best thing that happened today was that I came to the conclusion with Nonni that Ashton needs to go directly to Cincinnati, effectively skipping Round Three at Dayton. As it is told to me, less than 24 hours after Ashton’s … [Read more…]