On The Rise

I’ve had a two night break. This morning I woke to very good news. Ashton’s neutrophil count is 40! I am very hopeful we will leave here Friday.

I reminded the doctor of our homecoming Fire Fighter deal on Saturday and I believe they will really push him to get out. If it were not for Phillipsburg FD, I bet we would be invited to stay the weekend to err on the side of caution. I honestly believe he will be ok with a low immunity at home as long as he doesn’t, like, lick the bathroom floor. Nothing is dirtier than a hospital floor and I just saw a neutripenic baby rolling on it.

Yeah, you had to be there.

As far as Saturday goes, I am so excited to have several people coming from Columbus as well as family and a few friends here. I am super nervous because Ashton and I will be interviewed by a news station and I do not know which one. Not that it matters, I’m terrified, yet,  I’m anxious to do it because I believe it will put us in touch with more kids like Ashton and more families like ours. I’m told I need a support system that is a little larger than three or four people. I am also very nervous I will just blather and make no sense. I’m not that shy, but I don’t generally like to be videotaped or photographed.

We have so much planned. I bought Ashton a fishing pole yesterday. A real one without a cartoon character on it. It’s a rite of passage. Guess I need to learn to fish. Ha! We also want to fit in a Dayton Dragons game somehow and catch (and release) some fireflies.

So, he is getting blood now and I’m, again, so grateful for blood donations. Still no confirmation on a marrow donation. Fingers crossed and playing that same old game. Waiting and hoping and understanding what I do not have control over.





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