On-Line Diary

A blog. I had one many years ago but it was pretty empty. You have to really care about your subject matter. You have to not really care about what people think. You have to be ok with typos. I do not ever edit this blog, as you can see.

When I was an actual writer, I could spend days on the first page of a chapter  –editing! I love editing. I love saying to myself, wait that sentence doesn’t work! How can I re-work it.

With a blog, it’s like a writing party. You get to just write from your heart and leave your brain in the kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes. You get to stagger through your life with a keyboard and you have no idea who is watching.

Life has taught me a little. You can “re-work” it if you catch it in time.

You can edit, but you sometimes need another person’s eye.

Mistakes are going to happen. Forgive yourself. Try, oh try to forgive others for their typos.

Expression comes in many forms and over many decades and stages. This is mine right now.



  1. Peg

    Beautifully said…written…expressed. I love reading what you share Erin – a lot of us do.

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