Ok, So. Prepare To Be Depressed

But you did choose to log on.

It is said, if you lose a parent you have a collection of memories to draw from. Assuming that parent lived in to old age, it is the natural course of things, even if it was tragic. They lived a long fulfilling life, I hope, I hope.

For a child, one is left with all the unanswered. What would he or she have looked like? What would they have become?

I have a long list of questions:

Would you have been an addict?

A firefighter?

A nurse?


A baseball star?

Would you have picked up heavy things for me?

A country and western singer?

Married a blonde?

Ditch school?

Join the Navy?

How tall would you have been?

I stayed up all night. it is coming out of me.

I love you, my boy.

love, mommy