I want to make something perfectly clear. I have been called “mean”. This is not the forum I would have used to discuss this, but since my PERSONAL forum has been hijacked, most people who know me KNOW that I do NOT back down. Anyone who uses this forum for their personal needs should realize that Ashton will read this some day and that my older children read it now

I  am mean. Myy friend pointed out in a comment and was slammed for saying that I am NOT mean. I am normal. Certain people call me names and disparage me because they either prey upon weakness or they just don’t understand what is going on and they make Ashton’s situation about themselves.

I have no choice but to make his situation about myself because I am his only parent and I live and breathe him every single day. Even if I get a “day off” ha ha, it is not a day off.

I know who is here for me.

I don’t need my blog to be hijacked because you feel unimportant. You are important. STOP writing STORIES about yourself on my blog. They all get deleted anyway. Get your OWN blog .I have texted you on how to create your OWN blog. This is Ashton’s blog and MY blog. I have said it once and I will say it one last time: if you do not stop writing about yourself in the comments, I will stop this blog and it will mean your grandson has no memories of this ordeal and I have no log of what is happening daily in this crazy life and the many, many people who rely on this blog for information will go without.

Obviously, your comments are bothering people besides me.

On a lighter note: there is no lighter note and I am pissed. Guess we will leave this post out of the book. Or, will we?

I am mean sometimes. I am upset. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I have physical symptoms I would rather not discuss.

I draw away from people in general who bring bad feelings to me. I have people stare at my son. I do not punch them out because that would be MEAN. I have actual mean people say mean things about him. I do not fly to Chicago and punch them out. I push people away. Not because I am mean.  I am protective. And maybe I have failed in the past, but DO NOT FUCK WITH ME NOW>Because I don’t know what your angle is. How are you using him? A bit of drama to spice up your life? Yes, some people do that. Really. Some people use him as an excuse to fuck up their own lives.

I rest my case now because we are continuing to live REAL life. The meanest mother/person on earth/expletive expletive…is going to take a boy to fireworks and she is missing her other kids horribly because on the day one year ago we were all together.

So, quit being MEAN and upsetting on MY BLOG. This is not meant to be a mean place for you to vent about your own worries about YOUR mean life. I’m sorry your friend is sick. I’m sorry your life sucks. Get your own blog and write about it.


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