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We saw the BIG DOC today. He smiled, and said one week is long enough to be home.

So, they drew labs and we will find out tomorrow if he can stay through the weekend. He is “healthy” (ish)

However, he needs another ROUND. Still no donor.

As much as I loved room 415, in that it was situated so perfectly, I feel like I am going to gag if we have to return tomorrow. It’s prison with antibiotics and poison. And IsolAtiON. And NO life for anyone. And just sickness everywhere.

I have to start the packing tomorrow. We just barely got unpacked at home. I worry about the garden.  Ok. I obsess about the garden.

I love everyone there, but I do not want to go back. We never got to go to a ball game.

We did go fishing but no one fished. I cast the first line I had since I was ten and it was pretty natural. Kids were in the truck awaiting the Armageddon on STORMS of the CENTURY which lasted about ten minutes. Ashton’s new pole casts well and it was a great purchase.

Ashton will have surgery in the next couple of days and that was what landed him in ICU before, so I am braced and ready for what could come.

I am afraid as to why there is no match and as to why I am not getting all the information. I keep getting the SAME information which is no information. 30% is not good odds which is why we run like hell and make s’mores and bulid fires and we even got a HAPPY MEAL today which is  no-no.

Ok. so, I’m going to pray. Don’t judge me.




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