Ketamine Makeover

I don’t know how to say this.

Wound care, not I! They buy 39 minutes with a knock out to re-dress him head to toe,including total sterilization. Four people plus me.

Mummified Ash. Appropriate ointments on appropriate body parts, assessing and oohing and awing over this and that, peeling dead skin, glorifying new skin, wrapping with this for that part and that for this part. gauze over it all, tiny tight tank to hold it all in and cut his fingernails so he does not scratch his face off like an infant. If I had scabs on my eyelids I would let them bleed cause I’m a little Trichotillomaniac. That’s another story. I want to peel his skin off and de-scab him. I won’t.

His face is back, We joke that he just had a $10,000 facial peel and will look 30 when he’s 60.

His head, eh, kinda. yuck His trunk: no comment, bottom : bad running out of battery. ugh.  He is stable and clean and peaceful.

peace out

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