Here We Go.

I have officially switched to hospital mode. I am unstoppable. Mostly. Periodically.

Unless Ashton is barfing and I am retching next to him and Beeper is BACK in full swing .( I can generally tolerate a child’s puking). I don’t know why, but I almost lost it this morning. It was due to a more aggressive form of chemo of which he received his first dose this morning, followed by the ” regular” chemo. I say it’s all irregular. He did perk up again later.

We have been having fun with Ashton’s nurse crushes. We bark at people who walk by our door. And on our wagon rides. This really freaks people out.

He loves and remembers and anticipates a handful of them, the nurses.  Go figure: they are the prettiest. To him. He loves a fun personality, a silliness, a surprise and a great smile. Those attributes make the whole world pretty, if you ask me.

Oh. And I must mention this GREAT EVENT. Today is Chocolate and Vanilla’s one month anniversary. Ashton said it feels like a year, which I imagine many marriages do.

I am lamenting the overtaking of Bunny by a new friend. I tried to replicate the dog, “Dog-Dog”, who was kidnapped last year from Winnetka. Bunny has been through so much, his head is barely attached and he has endured much abuse. However, I ordered a new “sort of” Dog-Dog of a different color and Bunny is  suddenly replaceable. I feel badly for Bunny. Maybe he and Vanilla can just spend the Billion Bunny Bucks and go on their belated honeymoon.

(Can I come, too?)

The other event of the day is a mean girl who is saying mean things about my son. I do not understand, neither do I know this person. But it is disturbing. Law enforcement was called. After all the beautiful things and people we have encountered during this journey, I am surprised at such a mean thing. I am not sure how to block her from this blog.

On a lighter note: Ashton ordered Pig Poop for dinner. So, Heidi the nurse brought him Pig Poop. ( Chocolate Pudding).


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