hematopoetic stem cell transplant and the fourth day of July< 2014

I had to try and remember this night. so many words were uttered.

Wow! Oh My Gosh! The sky. Will it upset my daddy? Does daddy like it? Where is the moon? Oh! There it is. ok. But, wait!

The scrawly things ( aftermath of fireworks) will they go away? Does my daddy have to erase them?

Oh! My gosh! it looks like NOODLES coming out of the sky! I can’t believe this. Keep me warm, mom. I love you.

It’s the FINALE. NO. it’s not they are just teasing us! HAAAAAA!

CLAP Clap clap whoot and holler. What? there are more? That’s my favorite color!?

I can’t believe this. Oh my gosh mom I’m cold.

This is crazy. Can I have a corn dog

You can have 400 corn dogs, man.

We will stand in line for 45 minutes for your corn dog. We will use the change jar and embarrass ( myself) for your rides and your corn dog.

We cuddled under a blanket. I spent the last dime I have. I am so proud of you.

We will come here every year. West Milton, Ohio.

Only two are missing. My loves.