Hall Pass

This morning, during Rounds, Ashton was running laps around the team of doctors and babbling. He has an ANC above 3000 (up from zero a month ago), so after hearing that he is the healthiest kid on the floor, Dr. Turpin(who was just cracking up watching his Tigger-like antics, asked if we wanted a four hour pass. I was like, what? Pass what? I really figured he would not breathe fresh air for 5 more weeks! I think Doc did it more for the sanity of the staff than for anyone.

So, we went to Target. Ha, ha!

Then, we celebrated Nonni’s birthday NOT IN THE HOSPITAL, rather, a sweet little place on Madison in a very nice area of Cincy.

Poppa (I still think of him as, “Daddy Russ”, aka Nonni’s husband) said, “we better get going, it’s gonna rain here pretty soon”. And the skies must have heard him because they opened up and just dumped right when he finished his sentence. No umbrella. We had to get Ashton to the truck without getting the front of him wet. Success. And he got to feel rain on his little head for the first time in a very, very long time. That made me happy.

After tomorrow, he won’t be going too many places. His port will be exchanged for a working one at 930 am (yeah, right). His last surgery was supposed to be at 6am and he was sedated at 330 pm. Fingers crossed this one is timely because he is NPO ( stands for “Nil Per Os”, or nothing by mouth) after midnight. Who stays awake on purpose to eat until midnight? It is torture for a five-year-old to be denied food and water and torture for his mother who can’t hear, “I’m hungry!” every two minutes.

I hope we get to start chemo on his new line on Tuesday…get this round done so we can Colorado it (somehow) and make it to Blaise’s birthday. <OMG, he’s turning 11 and I’m missing his LIFE. UGH!

*side note: The latest obsession is GO FISH. If you are lucky enough to come within 100 feet of him, he will harangue you in to a game. Or FIVE. He and I started playing at 530 this morning. Then, he got Nonni, Poppa, a PCN, and Grandpa Mitch and then ME again. Plus, he totally cheats most of the time.

Also, he’s already in love with a nurse in Cincy. How Fickle The Boy Is.

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  1. Lauri H.

    Hall passes rock! So glad for every moment of joy you are all blessed with along this bumpy road.


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