Good News

This morning we found out that Ashton does not have cancerous cells in his spine! This is the greatest news! Also, he is already responding to the chemo based on his counts.

It was not easy to give his first treatment yesterday as they utilized the port for the first time. He is really sick and tired of people poking him and getting medicine and  I was not aware of (and I am learning as quickly as possible) the fact that even though he is only receiving three medicines (Daunorubicin, Etopiside, Cytarabine), they have to be administered spaced 15 minutes apart and two syringes each. So, basically, what I thought would be a quick 1, 2, 3 turns out to be a 1-6.  It took three of us to administer those yesterday as he was really freaking out. ( His first treatment being spinal).

Ashton is still receiving breathing treatments for his narrowed airway, but they are short and only needed when he gets agitated, which is often. He has been on steroids and they literally cause ” ‘ROID RAGE”.

In addition he has been trapped indoors since March 30, thereby making a fairly touchy, sometimes unreasonable little guy. More good news, they have stopped the steroids today! We are also working with a psychiatrist which thus far, is not helpful.

Well, here we go with our second Chemo treatment: April 3, 4;45 pm.

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