God Isn’t Ready

Mom, am I going to die?

Not for a long, long time.

Like, when I’m 5o?

No, much older than that. Like, when you are older than Grandma Penny.

Oh! That’s old!

Will I go to Heaven?

Yes, you will.

Will I see my Daddy there?

I am sure of that. Yes.


But, Ashton. God isn’t ready for you yet. That’s why you are in the hospital. Your blood is sick, so we have to take medicine to fix your blood.

Are lots of people worried about me?

Yes, but everyone knows you’re going to be all right.

(This kid has been Listening)

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  1. Lou

    Hi Ashton,

    I’m a friend of your Grandma Penny’s from Albuquerque. I think you even may have spent the night at my house one time. I just want you to know that my blood is also sick something like yours, but a little different. I know things are kind of crazy now with all kinds of people, tests, and lots and lots of other things. The same things have happened to me. It is scary. I have to try to be brave and have kind of gotten used to being stuck with needles!! Hopefully, when you begin to feel better, things will all get settled and go back to being regular again.

    I think about you every day and hope you are feeling better. I’ll stay in touch. You can email me too, if you would like. Have Grandma Penny or your mom help you. I would like to hear from you and will keep up with how it is going for you.

    Your friend,

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