Go Tell Your Mommy

Great day yesterday. We were outside most of the day complete with planting seeds and a wagon ride. Ashton was complaining a bit but you get accustomed to that because nothing feels right to a child with Leukemia. And after all this time, a mere 37 days, I do not know if Cancer or Leukemia is capitalized, # failedgrammarphobe

And, I like to start my sentences with AND.

AND so, we went to the ER via ambulance last night AND Ashton outlasted me while I slept on his gurney AND my parents entertained him after waiting the xrays.

I promise this: no one will forget this adventure.


We came home nearly 2am and now he wants to have a playdate with Ryan’s friend andplay croquet and have a picnic. I just want to have a nap and a pedi simultaneously. AND then I want a mani and a nap simultaneously. And then I want someone to take me on a date after Melissa does my hair. Basically, I want to be a girl again.

For now, I will settle on the nap and knowing he is ok for the moment.

We brought doughnuts to Phillipsburg Fire Department.

sleep and then maybe a shower?