Earnesty and Ellen Degenerous

You can’t get angry with a bald kid with Cancer in leg restraints. Well, I guess you can if they throw their milk at you. And if you retaliate by throwing the milk back? Well, you are immediately taken from the running of Mom-Of -The-Year.  I have seen it happen, and I wont say it was anyone I know.

Sometimes, when that child falls asleep, so I hear, all the emotions of the day surface. If you throw the milk back and he/she falls asleep, all you see is a vulnerability. And one might scold themselves for failing to handle “it”.

We are so early in to our journey.

I told Ashton tonight in no uncertain words that his Cancer will be gone. I promised him.

If I am going crazy from this, I know he is, too. I know he will never forget.  I want someone to save us. We watch Ellen every day. Maybe she can save us. Cause I am looking at God in a whole new way.