Early Signs

Underneath all these terrible fevers ’round the clock, sleeping ’round the clock, being on oxygen, cooling blanket, morphine pump,high BP, high heart rate, vomiting every half hour due to Mucositis ( ulceration of the mucous membranes lining his esophagus/ digestive tract, as a result of round 4 chemotherapy) as well as the plethora of medications he is on. There is a LIGHT in this dark and dismal room! And it’s not a pulse ox on Ashton’s toe! (Well, ok, that’s still there)

Yes, everything still sucks and a lot could still go wrong and he is still in utter misery, BUT! There are signs of ENGRAFTMENT. His white count is still at zero, but when they perk up they will attack the ulcers in his digestive system and make him initially more miserable but then he should finally stop vomiting soon after. Knowledge is power.

Lily called and wanted to talk to him. He said, no. I think it was because of my previous post. Sorry, Lily. He’s gonna be just fine. If you read the comments which I approved, just note the lack of punctuation whatsoever. P.s. I’m sorry I missed your very first xcountry meet. 🙁 What an awesome PR!

Ok, something is beeping. Gah!

#engraftment #let’sgo!