Lung fallen.

I associate leukemia with blood, not lungs.

Well, he does not have leukemia right at this very moment in time. Thank you, anonymous bone marrow donor guy.

No offense, bone marrow guy, but your cells are not really hitting it off with my guy. I know, I know, it was a blind date without even a photograph. I appreciate it and all, but I think you two are too different, hence, the fighting all the time. You were the number one pick by the matchmaker. Unfortunately, my man, you can check in, but you can’t check out. Since you’re only 26, you probably don’t even know what song I’m referring to. That’s ok.

You did do something very noble and you can put it on your resume or you can tell your hipster friends or keep it to yourself ( I know nothing about you except that you are white). You put another white boy in to remission.

It is not your fault or leukemia’s fault that his left lung collapsed yesterday afternoon quite suddenly. He’s been intubated for…2 weeks? Compromised immune system due to wiping it out to prepare for your cells.

Left lung fell fast, while I was napping. They referred to it as a pneumothorax, or a collection of air/ gas in the space that separates the lung from the chest wall. Ash has not been breathing normally for a while now due to lung disease and this exacerbates things. Quite a bit. The next move is a respiratory  oscillator which will require full sedation. Seeing how the day goes.

Skinny legs you have not stood on for weeks. Want to see him play. Or sit up. Or talk. Or hug me.



  1. Jody

    I stumbled across your blog from another friend’s facebook. My daughter is a oncology patient at Dayton. Your post are so raw and my heart aches for Ashton, you, and your family. Your are in my prayers.

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