We had two firemen come here today. One was the driver to his ER visit. These two awesome guys drove quite some distance, being unfamiliar with BUILD-A-BEAR locations. They showed up while Ashton was having  “no pants Wednesday”.

They came with Smokey the Bear, stuffed by two dudes. He was wearing a fireman costume/cape/superhero shirt. It also has a recording that’s says FIREMAN STRONG when you squeeze his left arm. Ashton was anticipating their arrival all morning and then sort of went in to flip-out mode. No reasoning behind it, but I felt badly for the men who went to that length on their day off. Ashton re-named him FIRE BEAR.

Nonni also got here today and received her usual abuse after I received mine in front of the firemen. Then, he blew her a kiss goodbye after letting her rock Fire Bear to sleep. Around here, they call him “hot and cold”. I’d say that is an accurate description.

They also say they can hear him laughing even with the door closed. These are good things.

I don’t have much energy yet to write. I’m still getting used to hospital time. The fish channel is lulling me to sleep and Beeper just finished his job administering Round 2, DAY #3 of Chemo. Thanks, Beeper. Now, shut up.

Hailey and Jennifer came and Hailey played with him like Lily does. They came bearing gifts and we just met them. Our neighbors and new friends.

I’m going to sleep in my clothes again tonight. Maybe I will wash my face. Probably not.

Good night, outside world.



  1. Jennifer Kayser

    Hailea had a great time. She can’t wait to come back. It was great to hear him laugh and play. He should sleep well tonight.

  2. Lauri H.

    Actually your whole family are in my prayers….. Much love, hope, strength and hugs to each of you.

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