C’mon, baby.

Fever. Mouth Ulcers. Monocytes. Platelets. shaking. Which of these things are not like the other? Monocytes. I am no longer bothering with punctuation or sentence structure. I am asking my brother to structure this tired thing.



noun /Cell Biology .

This is a large, circulating white blood cell formed in bone marrow and in the spleen. They eat large foreign particles and bad cells.
We dig monocytes because today we have 60 of them. Yesterday we had none. (WE). They are a precursor to a climbing ANC. A climbing ANC is a precursor to us going home. Monocytes rule.
Platelets: I swear I called it yesterday afternoon while the girls were here. He looked white and spiked a fever shortly thereafter. Yet, his counts had been fine that morning, so I was dismissed. His counts had dropped fairly rapidly, come to find out. I don’t like that. So, now he is getting platelets. Now.
Platelets are good. It sucks that his body won’t make them and we have to use somebody else’s. Thank you, random person out there who gave us all these platelets and blood.
You saved a life today.
Fever. Ashton pretty much rolls with a fever like a champ. It just means more and different antibiotics. Mouth ulcers. Same. More antibiotics.
sometimes your blog will make no sense and you log back in to publish it three hours later because somebody’s body doesn’t like the platelets and you have to
just give up for the day because Demerol was the only solution.

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