It’s a dirty word which may save my son’s life. Today is day three of the use of this drug and he was jumping around like a kangaroo all day yesterday until wham! Barfarama. Since Ashton has proven three times to be unresponsive to varying types of chemo, we know BMT is the only way … [Read more…]

The Long Stretch

Ashton has been in isolation due to fever for a few days now. However, as of today, he will be in isolation until the end. We are moving to the Bone Marrow Transplant area of the hospital today. It is paramount that he remains well. He received IVIG night before last and it did not … [Read more…]

Bright, Sunshiney Day

I’m going to take a cue from my friend, Lauri, and write from a visual cue. It isn’t a very exciting visual. It’s a brick wall. It’s the view from our hospital room Within the wall are four windows. I try not to look. They probably try not to look either. Hell, maybe they live … [Read more…]

Escape From Cincy-Traz

He did 96% of the driving. Linda stayed with Ashton while Mike and I threw a bunch of stuff in my car and proceeded to drive to Tennessee. I was born there, but I had never pronounced it TEN-essee before we went there last weekend. It is a long drive, but a scenic one. Kentucky … [Read more…]

Pre Bone Marrow

Everything is lined up. We have a bone marrow transplant coordinator named Suzanne and Ash is all set to begin this lengthy, breathtaking process. I have signed off on Ashton’s excess blood, marrow, tissue to be used for research. I’ve done that twice actually. I don’t see any reason not to have it out there … [Read more…]

On-Line Diary

A blog. I had one many years ago but it was pretty empty. You have to really care about your subject matter. You have to not really care about what people think. You have to be ok with typos. I do not ever edit this blog, as you can see. When I was an actual … [Read more…]

Jail Break

Nearing COO-COO status yesterday when I got the word that someone was coming to spring me. Man, I had to get out of there for a minute. I always regret feeling that way. I worry about feeling that way because Ashton CAN’T leave. Looking at him, you would think he could. He’s not on fluids … [Read more…]

Applause For Nurses

Really, except for a few things which cannot be helped (ok, minus one when I just wouldn’t have liked her under any circumstance) One in 4 months. I truly love nurses. All shapes, sizes and gender. A nurse friend in Chicago area says that Moms of sick kids are crazy. I can see that. I … [Read more…]

A Short Reunion

After a very long period of strife between Ashton’s Daddy and  me, a long period of back and forth, on and off, I love you, I hate you, he came to my door and I was not very willing to let him in. I did, though, because he is the father of my child. Some … [Read more…]