A Good Day

April 17 is my favorite day of the year. Not because I love birthdays. After turning 40, I really don’t have much use for the birthdays. However, my whole life, having grown up in NM, April generally marks Spring. Everyone starts wearing shorts and people just seem smiley(er). In Chicago the last 15 years, one learns … [Read more…]

A Wedding For A Bunny

I did not blog last night as I received some input about being too “dark”. Hey, baby, these are not bright skies. Not every day is sweetness and roses. I deal with that and so does Nonni and Grandma Penny. I put my thoughts out because it helps me be a better Leukemia Mom. So … [Read more…]


If you’ve lived any length of time over memory, at some point you were probably “broke”. For me, yes. Both financially and metaphorically. I don’t easily lean on people who have not experienced at least one. I was broke from a young age and truly vowed my children would not experience even a glimpse of what I … [Read more…]

Are You Sleeping.

We listen to lullabies. Both Lily and Blaise had music while they slept: Blaise had guitar, Lily, more contemporary stuff. She started with Kanga and Roo (I want Kanga!). I never indulged  Ashton with embellished sleep routines. I was tired before he was born. After he was born, I lost my mind, basically, for about … [Read more…]

No Category

I wasn’t going to blog tonight. I erase everything I type. I will sum up the day for the sake of memory: Up until the wee hours this morning with a vomiting Ashton. Nurses in and out all night. Kind, sweet, nurturing people. Yucky nurse this morning. She was new( yet, old) and didn’t seem to … [Read more…]


Ashton. He has had one of his best days ever and it’s his last day of Round One. Along with C-diff, he is in isolation. As a five year-old, used-to-be-super-active boy, I am astounded at his acceptance of this. He has been absolutely charming all day, even after he learned I ate his last potato … [Read more…]

The Trifecta

Our most exciting moments occur in the night. Come to think of it, that seems to be a trend in my life. Each time I went in to labor it was “the middle of the night.” Never after a good night’s sleep and a hot breakfast. Also, any trouble I’ve ever been in (who, me?) … [Read more…]


I’ve been gazing longingly at a running path outside our hospital window. The only problem I could foresee was getting to it. It just so happens to be across 6 lanes of highway and although I’m a bit cagey in this hospital room, I didn’t think the odds were in my favor to try. Then … [Read more…]

God Isn’t Ready

Mom, am I going to die? Not for a long, long time. Like, when I’m 5o? No, much older than that. Like, when you are older than Grandma Penny. Oh! That’s old! Will I go to Heaven? Yes, you will. Will I see my Daddy there? I am sure of that. Yes. Ok. But, Ashton. … [Read more…]