Laugh When You Can

  Even if it seems inappropriate. Some days I focus on the humor. Nothing super upsetting really happened today, I laughed a little. Last night, was it “fall back” night? Yes. Ugh. I slept at the end of Ashton’s bed. My neck. To quote the late Nora Ephron, “I’m Worried About My Neck”. I’m also worried … [Read more…]

The Secrets That You Keep

I have wondered many times over at Ashton’s strength. When he talks in his sleep, I wanna pull a Juliet Capulet. ( Get it?) He is not dead. When he hurts, I wish I were. He bitches aplenty while awake, make no mistake. <I almost just busted in to a MicOne-look-I’m a White-Rapper routine. *I … [Read more…]


Yes, Ash? Will you come over here and cover me with hugs and kisses? I thought, perhaps, I had entered the wrong room after fetching ice early this morning. Anyone who has had the privilege of even an hour of this journey with Ashton knows those words have never been uttered. He is more apt to … [Read more…]

It Would Have Happened Anyway

When Ashton was first diagnosed I tried to make contact with Bruce, the man Penny made me with. Bruce kinda said, hey, that sucks. Bruce has never met Ashton. He has not seen Lily or Blaise since they were…?7 and 4? They don’t even remember him. Heck, I barely remember him. It was a lot … [Read more…]


CINCINNATI — Devon Still won’t have an opportunity to record a sack this weekend, but he’s rooting for his teammates to bring down Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco often. Here’s why. In an effort to help raise money and awareness about pediatric cancer, the Cincinnati Bengals‘ practice-squad defensive tackle coordinated a fundraising drive that correlates … [Read more…]

Cincinnati/Bone Marrow We will be going here in about six weeks. I THINK I posted the link correctly. I believe this will happen Or, I failed with upload which I believed was easy peasy. When I think of those East End lights, muggy nights Curtains drawn in the little room downstairs Prima Donna Lord you really … [Read more…]


We had two firemen come here today. One was the driver to his ER visit. These two awesome guys drove quite some distance, being unfamiliar with BUILD-A-BEAR locations. They showed up while Ashton was having  “no pants Wednesday”. They came with Smokey the Bear, stuffed by two dudes. He was wearing a fireman costume/cape/superhero shirt. … [Read more…]