Ketamine Makeover

I don’t know how to say this. Wound care, not I! They buy 39 minutes with a knock out to re-dress him head to toe,including total sterilization. Four people plus me. Mummified Ash. Appropriate ointments on appropriate body parts, assessing and oohing and awing over this and that, peeling dead skin, glorifying new skin, wrapping … [Read more…]

Early Signs

Underneath all these terrible fevers ’round the clock, sleeping ’round the clock, being on oxygen, cooling blanket, morphine pump,high BP, high heart rate, vomiting every half hour due to Mucositis ( ulceration of the mucous membranes lining his esophagus/ digestive tract, as a result of round 4 chemotherapy) as well as the plethora of medications he is on. There is a LIGHT … [Read more…]


BMT Day. “Birthday”. Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Day. The Day we have been waiting for months for.  The day I built up in my mind as terrifying and it’s actually pretty exciting. When I say the procedure occurs today, I should explain that it actually occurs tomorrow, “either between 12 midnight tonight and 2am tomorrow or between … [Read more…]

Hall Pass

This morning, during Rounds, Ashton was running laps around the team of doctors and babbling. He has an ANC above 3000 (up from zero a month ago), so after hearing that he is the healthiest kid on the floor, Dr. Turpin(who was just cracking up watching his Tigger-like antics, asked if we wanted a four hour pass. … [Read more…]

Give It To Me Straight

I have recently been reasoned with. You know how you can hear certain people and you cannot (will not) hear others? I don’t know, that’s how I am. A couple of people have been very frank with me lately. I don’t always hate that. If the message is delivered in the way I can receive it … [Read more…]