Wake Me Up When We Get There

Two Years Ago, October. First Flight With Mom.   Last night was long. I really want to leave it at that, but there were just a couple of moments so beautiful. There was no sleeping going on. Lot’s of concern going on. Lot’s of pain going on. Now that he is again using a bedside … [Read more…]

The Olden Days

2011 Mischief. I used to have to get him up to take him to work with me(winter in Chicago) at 5 am. He worked a full day until we got home at 7pm. He showed up in pajamas and he went home in pajamas. It’s one of my favorite photos of him. While the kids slept, … [Read more…]

121 South Bell, Chicago, Illinois

The drive home with a newborn is always nerve-wracking. No matter the season, you think they will freeze or catch a virus or you will drop the car seat. I remember bringing Lily home, well, to Nancy and Chris’ house because I was too afraid to be alone with a newborn and I needed the help … [Read more…]