It’s a dirty word which may save my son’s life. Today is day three of the use of this drug and he was jumping around like a kangaroo all day yesterday until wham! Barfarama.

Since Ashton has proven three times to be unresponsive to varying types of chemo, we know BMT is the only way to save him. The idea is to get his blasts down as low as possible, and they are stubborn. They were at 17%  a few days ago and that is scary. So, this round of chemo is meant to be ugly. We are one week from transplant.

I went home this past weekend. It was a dumb idea. I literally slept the entire time. I went outside once to water the garden and I’m just letting the flowers die. I didn’t  eat but once in three days.  I am most certainly depressed and on day 4 of medication.

It’s getting intense now and tolling on everyone. Things are getting better with my mom and it’s been fun to have Dolores here.


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