Ashton’s second play date ever in life occurred yesterday. My little brother has a friend with a daughter almost exactly Ashton’s age and this is huge because he needs to be kid. The little girl is very mature for her age, so they were a good match.   Not that he can’t be demanding, but he is mature for five, as well. I will be honest and say I spent most of their play date asleep on my couch and did not feel up for socializing. Said play date occurred at my Mom’s and I hear it was a beautiful day. I will also be honest about how much I despise the term, “playdate”. God. Who made that one up? When I was a kid, we just knocked on any door and asked, “hey, can blah blah blah come out to play?” And we would come back several hours later completely filthy having applied no sunblock or even eating anything but candy from Circle K, which we were not supposed to ride to. We pretended to be door-to-door vacuum cleaner salespeople and kept a strict eye out for the kidnapper van and had trashcan races. (Don’t ask.)

So, by now I am accustomed to play dates. I still think it’s weird. Sometimes the parents just drop the kid at your house for hours and sometimes, God Forbid, they want to stay and chat. Which is worse? Just go play already and come home before dark. And don’t get hit by a car. And don’t get caught frying ants with a magnifying glass.

So, the kids had fun and Ashton was worn out. I am, once again up at 430am and he continues to sleep. I can feel the day becoming long already. I am so happy he got to be a kid yesterday, I hope he gets to do it again today.

The clock is ticking, as he has been home for nearly one week if you don’t count going back to the hospital twice. Fingers crossed for three more days.


I hadn’t planned on allowing Ashton to go anywhere, but we have clearance to go to my Mom’s. He wanted a picnic after being up half the night and I wanted NO picnic and to read a magazine. So, it worked out nicely that he could part ways with me for awhile.

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