BMT Day. “Birthday”. Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Day. The Day we have been waiting for months for.  The day I built up in my mind as terrifying and it’s actually pretty exciting.

When I say the procedure occurs today, I should explain that it actually occurs tomorrow, “either between 12 midnight tonight and 2am tomorrow or between 2am and 4am”. <That’s doctor talk. ( wink-wink) The cells have yet to arrive, basically.

Ashton will sleep through the entire procedure, he won’t feel a thing. I will be staring at him. With bloodshot eyes. Up all night. It is not surgery as some thought. It is a push of marrow through his port. It could take 15 minutes or up to 5 hours. They take his vitals every 15 minutes, every thirty minutes, then every hour until about 3pm tomorrow. It’s the healthiest thing this kid has received in months and months.

Engraftment, when the transfused cells will grow and reproduce in Ashton, can take from one week up to six weeks.  It’s a very important time, clearly. Being extra careful, even more careful than we are now about infection, and very watchful about GvHD.

It’s about to thunderstorm. I think that’s fitting for a night like tonight. This a pretty freaking dramatic event.

I’m so grateful for all the support and comments and people who have stuck by us during a VERY high stress situation.

I am shocked at the number of  people who messaged or called today–and also the people who didn’t. I really do have some wonderful friends. Thank you.

Keep ya posted.:)

#TEAM Trent


  1. Myra

    Good luck, Ashton and Erin. I’ll be sending all my positive energy your way. Strength and peace and healing to you.

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