What is that? Is it something you want to get to? Like my sister’s college graduation? Or her wedding? Is it something you want to happen, like, your small town boy crossing the street? Do you aspire to have your garden grow? Do you aspire to have peace in your life? What are your aspirations. Without a question mark.

We all have many. We probably do not even notice most of them. Survival is the most basic aspiration one can achieve. This is a tough-ass life sometimes.

Do you aspire to have your family together? Do you aspire to have your health? Do you remember your youth and long for when you were pretty, or hands0me and fit? Do you wish you had made different choices leading to your now ASPIRATIONS.

we: we like bone aspirations.

we still do not have a donor and he has 30 percent survival rate although no one will listen, not even family.

somebody. please listen. this is so real.


  1. Shelby Gonterman

    I met you guys while I was visiting little isacc in the hospital a few weeks ago in Dayton. I played with balloons in the hallway with ashton and he is just so full of life. I read your story and want to see if I would be a match for Ashton. How do I get specifically tested for him.?

    • ashton.Admin

      HI Shelby!
      Unfortunately you can’t be specifically tested for Ashton. I will friend you off of Nicoles friend list and I will explain.
      Thank you so much for thinking of us!

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