A Wedding For A Bunny

I did not blog last night as I received some input about being too “dark”.

Hey, baby, these are not bright skies.

Not every day is sweetness and roses.

I deal with that and so does Nonni and Grandma Penny. I put my thoughts out because it helps me be a better Leukemia Mom. So does running. So does getting in my car. So does resting. I invite no one to read this unless you want to.  If you do not like it, do not read it. It is pretty simple. I am going to be persistent in being REAL about what is happening to my son, to Lily and Blaise’s brother.

Today we received a very sweet care package. We have received many. Too many to count. Micah’s whole class sent letters, too. We just received a dvd called. “Why Me?” A Charlie Brown Vid about a girl who has Leukemia. It was the first that Ashton heard he would lose his hair. He is upset about that.

We still cannot leave he room until his ANC comes up from zero.ZERO is so dangerous I want to put him in a bubble. Too dark? Sorry. It’s reality.

Last night the entire nursing staff created a wedding. Ashton’s Bunny (aka: Chocolate) got married to another bunny named Vanilla. There were bridesmaids, a veil, a marriage certificate. He was thrilled. The bunnies even had a baby this morning. The staff even made rings for them and Vanilla has a diamond. See, it isn’t ALL dark. We make our light where we can make it. We take it hour by hour. Darkness is part of this journey.

Deal with it. Ashton does.



  1. Lauri H.

    I don’t see it as darkness.

    I see it as reality.

    I see it as honesty on the face of adversity.

    I see it as hope in the face of something terrifying.

    I see it as being expressive and as an outlet for your emotions.

    I see it as healthy.

    And oh nurses for the Bunny Wedding.


  2. kimberly

    This is your blog. This is your journey. You should write what you feel. How dare anyone say it’s “too dark.” That upsets me for you.

  3. Myra

    Please stay just as real as you are. There is an old adage that a burden shared is a burden halved. I’m not sure the calculus of that in blog-land, but for all the people who wish they could lift some of this terrible weight from your shoulders, it provides a glimpse at what you might need, what might help… or why sometimes nothing can help.

    I also think there will be many parents in the future who find themselves googling AML for the very first time, struggling to comprehend how this could happen to their families and wondering what it means. They will find your beautiful writing and they will know they are not alone. Of course it’s going to be dark; it’s leukemia! But it’s also pure hope and strength and love.

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