A Thousand Days

“Life is sometimes really hard, at least for me, it is.” ~Ashton Carley-Trent

Me: Sweetie, do you say that because of being in the hospital for so long?

Ashton: Yeah! We’ve been here, like, a thousand days.

A few minutes later we took the wagon and bunny to put our clothes in the washer and he says, “It sure is weird living in a hospital.”

I think he thought we literally MOVED in here and would never return home. (Sometimes I feel the same way)

I reassured him that his bed was still in his real room, our couch is still there, our dining table, our flooded basement. I reassured him we would still plant strawberries and flowers.

Having my brother and his sweetheart here today, along with Lily, Blaise and Brian, really lifted his spirits. Fresh faces! New activities with Lily, a Nook from my brother and just an over all good day. Blaise even made a movie trailor starring Ashton and Blaise and Bunny a.k.a: Chocolate.

I know there will be sad days to come. I found a bunch of coupons in my purse for free haircuts and dropped them in the wastebasket this afternoon. It suddenly occurred to me that he could lose his eyelashes and eyebrows, as well. (Those eyes! That thick, dark hair!)

So, I was sad. So, I pushed that thought away and we drew some dot-to-dot dinosaurs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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  1. Dara Hudson


    It seems to me, as an outsider looking in, that all the polish has been scrubbed away leaving the “True Grit” of your essence to show-you are so amazing and strong!

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