A NEW Place

I have two new places. One: I went home last night. It was all NEW. I couldn’t find anything. I was dismayed. I could not order dinner and have a very sweet  Russian woman deliver it and then return to take away the dishes.

I focused on normality. I went to that strange place called,  “The Grocery Store”. I couldn’t deal so I bought some shredded cheese and mushrooms, utilizing what Nonni had in the fridge, as well. I cooked a meal. I made myself cook a meal.

And I hauled the trash to the curb and I edged the grass ( not very well). How do you edge grass?

My neighbor came out of a winter of hiding as I was edging. He asked me if I smoked pot. He asked me a lot. I was friendly, but relieved when he left and no, I do not smoke pot. He came over again later. Finally, he left when an alpha male showed up with a big dog. I guess that’s how it works in a one-traffic-light town.

I slept in my bed. Apparently, and of course, in my absence, Ashton had his highest fever EVER to date, Thank you, Linda ( Nonni) for being here.

We are scheduled for an ultrasound on his legs today. C-diff negative but now his throat hurts. It’s a petri dish in isolation. He has no immunity. The Fish Channel is lulling him to sleep at 2pm. I’ve already changed the pillow case twice today. Soon, my baby will have no hair at all. He wants to look in the mirror.

Our other new home is a double room.  I feel more at home here than the other place: our ACTUAL home. Funny, how families gather in the smallest room of the house; we still gather in the smallest part of the room.

I love you, Ashton. I love you the same and as much as I ever loved a child I bore. I love you, Lily. I love you, Blaise. We shall have many more days to come together.