A Laundry List

1. Finish Laundry

2. Get Mail.

3. Throw away mail.

4. Gas up car.

5. Pack up our lives.

6. Clean

7. Pack up Car.

8. Chicken wire around the garden

9. Forget about the grass

10. Get a neighborhood kid to do grass?

11. Water flowers and garden.

13. Set up arrangements for watering

14. Shower!

15. Bathe Ashton (carefully, and without involving the police and the Fire Department this time)

16. Sleep by 8pm.

Easy Peasy.


  1. Reshia

    Hi, Our boys met at Cincy yesterday. I have read a little of your blog but look forward to getting myself up to speed about Ashton. I love your honesty. Hope we run into each other again 🙂

    • ashton.Admin

      did we meet in the playroom? I have been OUT of it until today. are you on the 5th floor? Erin

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