A Brave New Boy

Ashton got his first CT Scan at about 11pm last night. He had to be repeatedly awakened to swallow a contrast drink before the scan. All I know is that is tasted grapish and he was a very good sport. He also got an intravenous contrast and had to hold his breath on cue and take deep breaths on cue, all the while being moved in and out of a tube all alone in the middle of the night. We transferred him via wagon as his bed is all C-diff crazy. We did smuggle BUNNY! down to the Scan. It was kinda cute, what a big secret it was. The nurses know about Bunny and are in cahoots with us. Nonni and Grandma Penny stayed in to the wee hours. Good thing is that he doesn’t have the thing that starts with a T which I cannot pronounce. He has unspecified Mesentericadinitis, enlarged lymph nodes and widening blood pressures. Still spiking fever throughout many antibiotics. Starting him on a new antifungal today. Something is hiding in there…must get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, there was hair on his Easter eggs this morning so Nonni will finish the hair trim when the big hand reaches the 12. ( Noon)

Nonni has been hiding eggs and Ashton hunts them from bed. Hoping he is feeling better enough to look for them around the room tomorrow on foot. I am a zombie and I believe I will go for a walk with a woman here who is at the end of the process we are going thru. Would love to go for a run but my body is rejecting all things but sleep.

I am obsessed with bleach.



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