A Beeper Date

What a funny little day this was!

It was Blue Dog’s birthday and this may get boring for some of you but in the animal world of stuff, this is very important.

( Now, I will get a comment about how boring this blog is. Get over it.)

Blue dog turned three and Ashton and I were kind of excited about inviting our cellmate, I mean, little girl who is 5 with Stage 4 Cancer on this side of the double doors. Before I even showed up, Ash and Nonni had made presents and a cake. Sort of a cake.

This turned out to be one of the best days ever. A little boy and a little girl connected.

They were both “connected” to their Beepers and trying to play. It was sad and hilarious and weird. They were both plugged in to the wall. At one point, they were ducking under one another’s lines which were connected to their tummys in order to play Hospital Restaurant. The menu is very odd: wooden pizza and strange¬†combinations of fruit. Anyway.

I was panicking a little, and so was my Mom. We were supervising these children who are so accustomed to this way of being and they were quite alright with everything. I asked Drema, a PCN and a stronghold for my sanity, if this was ok. She laughed and said it was totally normal. Again. The new NORMAL.

God. It was picturesque. Two Beepers and two bald kids painting birdhouses and getting antibiotic infusions. Then, Monopoly. Monopoly and labs drawn while at the table. And then, Ashton gets a ” special shake” delivered because he isn’t eating correctly and our friend, Reygan, has been down this road for a year or so, she says, with a very stern voice: Listen, if you take one sip I will not ask you again. If you do not, I will tell the nurse.

That’s freaking hard core. She is five.

As a side note, and I will not do it justice, this was both kids doing Monopoly for the first time. My mom was basically doing this for them and teaching them about money. Reygan was spending the hell out of hers and Ashton was very tight-fisted. Ashton had a pile of cash in a sort- of stack and Reygan had hers perfectly under the board the way it’s supposed to go.

Tangled up in lines. Man, these children are brave.






  1. Dara Hudson

    Thank-you…for the news & the pictures you weave with words. Much love, prayers & admiration from Okie!

  2. Lauri H.

    I agree with Dara. We are very much thankful for you and your stories about this journey.

    Much love, hugs and prayers from Tennessee.

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